Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shoes and Shoes

I received a box of shoes on Tuesday from the USA. I'm just thrilled and the piece is coming together now. The shoes I received came from the Libra art gallery, which is located on the east side of town in Detroit. I did a show there about twenty years ago and the owner was able to find some of those old shoes from that show. My commitment is to my own city first, but I see the importance of building bridges to the moon and this project is my way of promoting the greatness of who we are through the arts in the D. 

Shoes, the souls, and universal law. Where are we going in this life and if shoes could talk, what would they say about us as people, here in this world. I'm personally looking for something deeper in this life. My work is my own medicine and everyday here I'm getting stronger in the faith. I was in town and there was a pair of shoes believe it or not, with a note inside of them just sitting there waiting for me on a bench. It was a close encounter of the third kind. It was magic! 

Shoes of all colors and sizes. Shoes with holes in the souls of them. Shoes voyaging this incredible journey called life. Shoes of hope and the ones we wear everyday as we commute from here to there. Today, at this very moment, I'm out looking for magic shoes, dancing shoes, shoes that could fly me into space and through time, past the milky way, 25 Trillion miles out! Do you know where there are shoes because I'm looking for them! 

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