Thursday, May 31, 2012

A call for your shoes

This was a very exciting week and shoes are starting to come in on this end for the project. I've started to assemble the shoes here in my studio. This installation will serve as one of my visuals for an independent dissertation project. I, with the help of Maggie who lives here, went around the city talking to some of the secondhand businesses and stores concerning the shoes project. The response here has been great and folks here are just thrilled to help out if they can! I see it, feel it and taste it: Two Countries Two Cities one spirit. This is my way of using my art to show how everything is connected and there is no difference when it comes to human beings here in this abstract world. 

Once again, I'm calling for YOUR shoes. Big shoes, old shoes, blue shoes, leather shoes, your grandmothers shoes, happy shoes, shoes with no strings, and yes, holy shoes! I'm using the shoes to talk about spirit law in this installation. Everything I believe is connected to a universal energy that is in all of us, so I need your souls. I need your shoes! 

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