Monday, May 7, 2012

All the Same

I'm in a country far away from home. I smell the flowers here and there are all kinds of people living here in Basel Switzerland today. I came here thinking that I was going to some strange world when I left the states last year. When I first arrived here, I was like a dog with his tail between his legs. I was so afraid because this was out of my comfort zone and something I've not done before. I remember having a conversation with some friends and sharing with them that there were not any over-size folks here in Basel. Well I lied. It's a place where everything is in order....I thought. Beautiful, pristine and clean here. Then there is the honor system with the public and businesses. The little old lady riding the tram every morning to shop reminds me of my grandmother. You have the rich and those who are less fortunate than others. I see people attending church on Sunday and little kids out playing in the neighborhood just like back home. I wake up early to the sounds of the birds chirping outside my window and kids laughing and talking on their way to school.

Daylight appears around 6:00 am in the morning. For me, it's my wake up call to start my day. The morning traffic is like music to my ears and I open my windows to invite the  fresh air into my space at the wee hour of this new day, which is everyday. What I see here is a place full of life, just like back home-people in search of the unknown. This is real life animated here just like back in the D. You live, you die and then you live again, just like back home. I have met some nice people and some not so nice folks, just like back home. Two days ago, it rained here in Basel and perhaps it might rain in Detroit tomorrow. Who knows? The sun shines here, just like back home. Day time changes to night time. I see different shades of people, tall and short, young and old. You have smokers and drinkers, folks on drugs, party girls alone with a casino, it's here too. 

My work and art has brought me here to study and learn for myself that there is no difference when it comes to human beings. We're all part of this great creation and everything seen and unseen, white and black, Swiss, American, it's all the same. In the book of Genesis the creator said that he made mankind in his image and likeness. Inside the human body there is no difference. It was purposed that way right from the beginning when the creator created us. Outwardly there is a difference, but inside, no. I conclude that spirit life lives in all of us. What's here in Basel, is all over the world, people no different, simply people who are the same.

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