Monday, April 23, 2012


What is art today really? Can it be anything and everything and at the same time be nothing? Thelonious Monk said,"Jazz music is freedom." Is art freedom? As I visit art shows here in Europe, I'm somewhat lost to making sense of it all when it comes to art today in this vernacular, systematic world. But who am I to raise this question about art in the world today? I'm not trying to be judgmental or to criticize what I see, I'm just trying to understand the world of art after twenty five years of creating my own art environment. You have art from the U. S. A and then there is Europe, Africa and all over the world. What are we saying? I believe that art or creativity comes from the soul, something way down deep inside of you. It's kinda like Ray Charles's music-you FEEL it. Have the rules changed the game? If so, what are they now?

Danh Vo is the other artist here living at the house with me. His opening was this past Friday. Gisela and I attended the opening. The show was in Austria at the K.U.B Arena which is a new museum. I'm not sure but I think the title of the installation was Mass Star Death in the Dark Heart of our Milky Way. What I saw was captivating in terms of art today. How do you express what you feel on the inside or your thoughts? Are we free enough to do so? It was wild-crazy out there and I had so many questions flowing around in my head. The installation was competing with the space. There was so much space for him to deal with and I personally wanted him to monopolize it all and he could have, I believe, if he wanted to. I don't know Danh personally but I would like to get to know him if I can. There was another piece to the show that I had questions about, color. I love colors and also believe that color is the piquant of life when it comes to the arts, in a practical sense. Looking at it for what it's worth, I saw a show that gave me something to think about as I sleuth to find answers to what is art today? On the way home from Austria, I reflected back on the show in my mind thinking about what I saw and trying to understand what Danh wanted me to walk away with. One thing I did walk away with was I would like to see more and more and perhaps more.

P.S. Danh Vo had me pick up his laundry for him. Is that art too?

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  1. Art has a unique duality in freeing while restricting. In the end, the artist tries to take emotions, ideas, and revelations as big as the universe itself and express them concretely. While a few notes, brushstrokes, or words might go a long way to expressing the inspirational vision, it will never be complete. However, the need to communicate these inspirators is so great, that even taking small steps towards bringing others to where we are is freeing. I think back to the prophets who were absolved by God of any responsibility for the actions of others as long as the prophet did his best to teach and preach.