Thursday, April 19, 2012

My first dinner party.....and blue shoes.

I was nervous. I couldn't sleep and was really looking forward to my first dinner party. All week long I was planning and thinking about this gathering of people. I did my shopping early in the week, my way of trying to stay ahead of myself. This event is really special in a way because this one person who I invited,  Stephanie, who lives here in Switzerland, has been to the Project. Stephanie is the reason for the party. Fiona is Stephanie's partner who also happens to have a shell fish allergy. OK, I needed to know that because plan B for food went into motion, which was fish. I was somewhat reluctant at first to making this shrimp soup but chose to have it as a appetizer for those who could eat it. With the help of Maggie and Jan we pulled it off. It all came together. Stephanie and Fiona were late which was good in a sense because it gave me more time to get it right. Yes, it all came together and we had baked fish and fried fish, wine for the soul and a wonderful shrimp soup dish for those who could eat it. Oh yeah, we had music playing in the background, Oscar Peterson and a Swiss artist, by the name of Sandy Patton, Miles and the grand finale, Freddy Cole, my man!

We talked about the Heidelberg Project and the U. S. A., the Swiss government, art and the politics behind the art world as we know it to be in today's market. We ran an hour behind schedule, so we got started around 1:30 pm. Oh we got into it and nobody held back! Stephanie talked about her love for Fiona and we drank wine and they smoked their cigarettes. We were on cloud 9. What a day here in Basel! Well, after four and a half hours, it was time to bring this good to an end. I had such a wonderful time with my new Swiss friends and there will be more parties to come. Stephanie who is a big girl and I mean a big girl, who is truly bodacious and audacious, an original work of art herself, stole the show with these blue suede gangster-fly shoes of hers. This lady had it down to a science and all I could think of was the song Elvis Presley made, Don't Step on my Blue Suede shoes. Well we didn't!

The party was on April 8, 2012.

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