Monday, April 2, 2012


The confident expectation of something, hoping and believing it to be true. Do we trust ourselves really and do we know ourselves in order to undoubtedly trust ourselves? I had a conversation with Gisela today at the Laurenz office about trust. As I rode back home on the tram, the number 15-16-8, I reflected back on the discussion with Gisela at the office. Trust to me is like learning to ride a bicycle or when a baby takes his/her first step. Trust in another sense is when you put your assurance in the hand of the pilot to fly the plane for example or me leaving my work behind and coming here to Switzerland. I turned my project over to people who I don't really know, but I do know them in a sense because of what I believe. Life is all about trust even when you're not conscious of it. I'm learning the magic of trust and how time plays a significant role in us coming to know it, letting it guide us in all of our endeavors. I trust myself to wake up in the morning if it be His will. That same trust carries me through the whole day, through today. It guides me on this very spellbinding journey we call life. It is a medicine when I'm feeling sick and when I can't seem to see my way, it brings clarity and freedom to the mind. It gives me strength to go on believing and trusting in that divine, unseen power of faith. I trust that the sun will shine here in Basel tomorrow and if not tomorrow maybe the next day. Last year, I came here not knowing what the future had in store for me but I'm here to receive and to exercise my personal trust in Yahweh, who is my trust.


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