Friday, April 13, 2012

An Artist Named Maggie

Maggie, whom I met a year and a half ago, is a very talented artist who lives here in Basel. Her art is very interesting especially in terms of me judging it for myself and comparing it to my own philosophy of what is art today. Maggie is originally from the States and came here to Europe about seventeen years ago. I think it would be safe to say this is her home away from home now. What do I see in Maggie's art and why did this thing, synchronicity or spirit law, the power of a higher source or what ever, bring Maggie into my world? Why? That question I often ask of myself. I really enjoy those very profound conversations we have about life and spirituality, going to museums and talking about art. If it was not for Maggie who speaks Swiss German, when I first arrived here, I would have been in deep shit. She helped get me acclimated into the swing of things here in Basel. I see her as a person who is just bubbling over with ideas and one who likes to excogitate on things, especially those pertaining to the world.

Maggie's art is a reflection of what's in her. She is warm, caring, non-confrontational and has a passion for music. One day I asked Maggie a question, "What do you want or better yet, what do you expect from your art?" She said to me, "My hope is to have my art pay off, where I can help my dad."  I thought about that answer for weeks. I personally think that Maggie's art is all really paying off. I also understand her answer to my question too because I've been there in my own way of thinking about my work and having people to appreciate it. Maggie, you've the power to move mountains and your art will do whatever you tell it do. It's all really paying off in so many ways my friend. That shooting star you saw in the sky was your sign to get ready because the whole world is your canvas and your paint brush is your magic wand, so paint because the world will come. I came.

April - 12 - 2012 

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