Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Art for the Rich

Art for the Rich-the works of Picasso, Cezanne, Warhol, Kandinsky, Rosenberg and there is one exception Basquiat. From the very beginning when God had Noah build the ark, he took two of every kind of animal into the ark. There has always been two worlds here in this one big world. What we've here are two disunions, one for the rich and another for the every day people, not a part of the so called "big machine" or the main stream art world.

In the February 13, 2012 Detroit News article, artist extraordinaire Olaymi Dabls made a comment about art for the rich and the Europeans. That comment is somewhat true but it's much deeper than that. I believe now after twenty five years I somewhat understand this machine called the business of art. It's a world that is full of make believe, that art is the focal point. It's about money and power and might along with fame. In a nut shell, it's about everything and yet it's still about art.

It's a business ran by wealthy people with money. It's no different from the stock market or the music industry for that matter. It goes all the way back to the Roman empire, even the slave trade and it's deeply woven into the fabric of society, here in this country and around the would. You've always had art for the elite or people who could afford to pay big dollars for a certain kind of art. But let me be real clear here now. I see the same thing with people of color, African American people to be more specific. So yes, there is art for the underclass and less fortunate folks too.

As I think more about Dabls' comment, I truly understand where he's coming from. My own prosperity has put me in a place where I understand the business of the game now. You've got to become so good at what you do, the world comes looking for you and not you looking for the art world. What Dabls has done is created a concept for both the rich and the poor, both black and white and it's art from the depth of the soul that makes it rich and real. As the world continues to change itself and the change I and Dabls have done alone with the art movement in the D, we need to keep doing what we do because in the spirit we're rich already.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Unknown. A constant search...

“Men shall speak of the might of your awesome acts, and I will declare Your greatness.”

The whole thing is a mystery to me. I think about the creation of the entire universe. Can art save the world? I say yes to this fact because the earth, this entire planet, is a work of art in and of itself. You and I along with what we see and don't see are connected to a greater entity that is Divine in might. The whole creation! I'm talking about everything. It's all part of the cosmos connection; the abstract spiritual, metaphysical ideas of this creation and why it was created in the first place because it's a work of art in progress.

The changing of the seasons is art. The way the sky changes itself every moment is an equivocal question with many answers to the question of why it's happening. Here in Europe I've come across the works of Rudolf Steiner. A man who I believe was ahead of his time, but at the same time all things in time. From what I have read and seen of his works, I'm in deep search of trying to understand spirit law and why we create art in the first place. The discourse of the unknown is very relevant to the subconscious. The unknown is what we're in search of but we don't know it.

Dr. Steiner was a philosopher, artist and educator. He was a man with strong convictions and one who believed in reincarnation. Rudolf Steiner was born in 1861 and died in 1925 in Hungary, which is now Croatia. I've had the opportunity of being exposed to Steiner’s black board drawings. I find the work to be gratifying and playful. The dark background reminds me of outer space or nothingness. Then there is the magic of color that makes me think about the childlike quality in all of us…. In some of the drawings, I see two extremes, one of which is light colors on top of a dark background surface. The work is very simple in the application but complex in the thought process. There are no limits or boundaries to the works.

Rudolf Steiner says that, "our actions are part of the overall world affairs,” and as I conclude or try to sum up my thoughts about the work, one thing I believe for sure, he was free to search out the unknown in himself. What is art today and will it be something else tomorrow? Yes and yes because tomorrow IS something else.

I was so inspired by the work that I went back a second time to see the exhibition at the Vitra design Museum in Germany. The work hypnotized me again. It took my mind on a journey through time and space. The work is intuitive and naïve, created in a way where it made me question myself about life and who is God.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Revelation #1

It seems like time sped up in a way and this week has come to an end already. The whole week was interesting and I made a discovery out here in Europe. I came upon a project here in Basel similar to my own. There is a house here that looks like one of the Heidelberg houses. Hmmm…. I found myself not believing what I was seeing and my emotions heated up with excitement.

This discovery came as a surprise to me. In the book of Ecclesiastes it says, “There is nothing new under the sun.” I believe stumbling upon this art house out here validates this very point about there is nothing new under sun. I know now that it was meant for me to come here to Basel and to witness that I was not alone in my efforts to take my work to another dimension and to challenge the status quo.

However, I find that I'm caught between two opinions. There is the secular world and then there is what some would call the outsider or intuitive art. But what is art really and do you have to put it in a museum or a gallery in order for it to be art. I say no to that claim, again I say no to the fact of the matter.

What about the prehistoric art, the cave drawings? Are they still relevant today and if so, why? I know that the past is supposed to be important to us for many reasons when it comes to art in general but what about tomorrow, the art of tomorrow? For me, creating the Heidelberg project was my way of pushing the boundaries, to see what was possible in this endeavor of creating my own personal artwork.

As I conclude this blog, in the book of Genesis 1-27, "God created man in his own image; in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them." Just like the house out here in Basel, someone pushed the boundaries and what came out, from my estimation, is just pure magic beyond measure, like God when he created mankind in his own image and likeness. What IS art today?

This Past Week....

The reason I'm here is to see it from another perspective and at the same time to learn. I created something back home that opened this door for me to come to Basel and explore the world of art here in Europe. What is Art today, right now at the present time. As I visit galleries and museums in this country, one thing that has my attention is a skill to create beauty. I am proud to know that we have that same skill back in the D.

It snowed here this morning ( Sonntag) and it’s so beautiful. I stayed in all day and did my laundry and fixed me some lunch. I love watching TV here because it's in German! I just might come back speaking another language, who knows. Today (Montag) I went out and got my Tram pass for the month of Februar, did some shopping and went back home. Yohn Vo, my housemate is back from his trip to Brazil. I love the solitude of being here alone at times, but I'm glad he’s back.

Everything is so orderly and neat here in Basel. The Trams and buses run on time here which I think about when I return home--I pray that we have a bus system that works! Basel is so rich in culture and if an artist ever wants to be exposed to the art world, this is it. There are so many possibilities here, but we also have possibilities back home. You've got to create and become your own possibilities and that comes from believing in yourself.