Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Past Week....

The reason I'm here is to see it from another perspective and at the same time to learn. I created something back home that opened this door for me to come to Basel and explore the world of art here in Europe. What is Art today, right now at the present time. As I visit galleries and museums in this country, one thing that has my attention is a skill to create beauty. I am proud to know that we have that same skill back in the D.

It snowed here this morning ( Sonntag) and it’s so beautiful. I stayed in all day and did my laundry and fixed me some lunch. I love watching TV here because it's in German! I just might come back speaking another language, who knows. Today (Montag) I went out and got my Tram pass for the month of Februar, did some shopping and went back home. Yohn Vo, my housemate is back from his trip to Brazil. I love the solitude of being here alone at times, but I'm glad he’s back.

Everything is so orderly and neat here in Basel. The Trams and buses run on time here which I think about when I return home--I pray that we have a bus system that works! Basel is so rich in culture and if an artist ever wants to be exposed to the art world, this is it. There are so many possibilities here, but we also have possibilities back home. You've got to create and become your own possibilities and that comes from believing in yourself.

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  1. I like the phrase 'create your own possibilities'. To me, that's what art (and life) is all about and that's what you've done with the HP. Glad you're soaking up all the culture in Europe. Looking forward to the results as they emerge.