Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The city of Basel

Basel. Small in size but very powerful through its resources. It has a worldwide reputation for its beautiful mountains and its chocolate. A country with seven million inhabitants, people from all over the world call this place home. A place with forty museums or so and the famous Bird's Eye jazz club where I go to hear wonderful music. It's known for its pharmaceutical business and is home to the Rolex watch. The people here speak Swiss German and a second and/or third language is part of the curriculum in the school system. One of my contacts here was educating me about the banking business when I first arrived. She was explaining how people would use their bank (Swiss banks) to hide money from all over the world.

As I commute around the city, one thing I've noticed here, there is a large population of elderly people in Basel who love riding the tram because I see them every morning! Its a way of life for the elderly here. People here are also very precise and they love their coffee and cigarettes along with the many different cheeses too to choose from. The bikers are dangerous! And always look out for the Tram when you're crossing the streets. It's imperative to pay attention here because it's nothing like the U.S.A or the traffic in the D.

Every morning I wake up to the sounds of those beautiful, wonderful angelic church bells from the church that is on the corner of my block. What a sound! And it just resonates all through my body, every morning. It's my wake up call to start my day!

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