Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The House

I'm living in this very old and historical house, here in Basel. Inside are 12 rooms and I share the whole house with another artist who occupies the first floor. Here are some images of the inside. The bedroom and the office/living area and we have this very modern kitchen. The backyard is like something you would see in an architectural magazine. The shrubs have been pruned in such a way, it looks like art! Then, there is a little pond in the backyard along with a terrace.

There is a real energy here and the ambiance is just beautiful. The house is like a think tank. When I think of all the artists who have been asked to come here, I understand why there is this thaumaturge of energy here.

For me the house has given me new strength, in my ability to think for myself. The solitude I have found here is like a medicine for the mind and soul. There is this great freedom here, just to be free and do nothing or something, its up to you.

Here is a quote from Rudolf Steiner: "Just as the eye perceives colors and the ear perceives sounds so thinking perceives Ideas."

This reality of being here, in this house, has a way of challenging you, forcing you to use your brain power to see from a new perspective and from new surroundings. I can personally attest to the quote from Dr. Steiner's writings, how challenging yourself opens you up to see the world around you and in you.

We also have a beautiful and wonderful house keeper and there are polka dots in my bedroom for now.

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  1. Wow, what an inspiring post. It's incredible how a different space can be so transformative.