Monday, May 14, 2012


My new project here will be about two counties, the United States and Switzerland, through an art installation and wall pieces. It's a research project that will serve as a visual with a manifesto: What is art today and can it be anything and everything? I was told that art is a reflection of life and life itself is a work of art, even the act of existing is art. Is art something beautiful and pleasant to look at? Can it also be grotesque or fantastically ugly in character and still be art? For me the magic of using the imagination and visualizing what art is for the individual is the key. I believe art is what we see and don't understand at times. Mistakes and accidents are part of the process for me - not knowing at times but trusting yourself to create what you feel. Creativity for me comes from that inner, deep, spiritual connection. It's the power that only the creator of this stellar universe can give to us, to create beauty from a thought and the ebullience to do so. This dynamism power is the same power that created the universe from nothing. I took what I thought was blight and created the Heidelberg Project. For me, after twenty five years, I can do whatever life is calling me to do at this point. My work is like a medicine for the mind. I hear it. 

My next project here in Basel is based on the philosophies of Dr. Rudolf Steiner and Dr. Henry C Kinley. I'm attempting to show through this research that everything in the universe and outside planet earth is connected to a greater power which is in all of us. Both men talk about the supernatural and a higher power that exists. What I did with the Heidelberg Project was done unconsciously. It came from deep down inside of my subconscious which gave me the vision to see it then to create it. Today, I'm saying that 2+2 = 8. I believe strongly that rules are made to be broken and that the abstract is part of the equation which is God who is equivocal in his or her actions. 

This new project, Two countries, Two cities, One spirit, is about life and circummstances and trying to make sense out of it while at the same time hoping to find self through our human experiences. With this body of new works, I'm trusting what's in me to show me the way, to give me insight and let me feel the magic of creating art first from within, understanding the depth of where it is coming from and why. Coming here to Europe, has opened my eyes to see that art is life and life is forever changing itself to be new, to be old and to be whatever the moment calls for it to be at that time. Life is art, yesterday is yesterday and there is no right or wrong way to express creativity. As I formulate this new research work, comparing art to life, nothing surprises me when it comes to art. Two Countries, Two Cities, One spirit. Today it's art and tomorrow it's art, never to change because It's Art.

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