Monday, June 11, 2012


Busy and I'm loving every moment of it! My research work is coming along and the shoe installation is taking on shape and character at this point. I wake up every morning listening to those beautiful birds chirping outside in the tree by my bedroom window. That's my alarm clock, those birds chirping in the morning for me to get up. I'm using the shoe as a manifold to prove a point and we all wear them. I believe there are not any differences when it comes to people, circumstances and behavior because of what's in all us, a soul and a desire to be. 

What I have witnessed in Basel are people being people, just like in the D. I see people out here wearing red shoes and dress shoes, short and tall folks and they come in all shapes and sizes. I have witnessed folks wearing cowboy boots and all kinds of funky shoes and young folks sporting Converse gym shoes. On Sundays, I see people attending church and they LIKE to look good here in their Attire. I have gone myself and took time out to polish and shine my shoes. That's part of my personality just like the people here in Basel who make time to polish their shoes. Socrates said he wore no shoes because it was his way of showing us that for him less was better. 

The whole entire week has been just wonderful in terms of possibilities. Today, what a surprise! On my way to the studio there was a single house slipper in the street waiting on me and all I could say was, thank you Socrates for this shoe that will end up in my shoe project here. Hallelujah!

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