Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Art Basel

The weather was blissfully hot and very uncomfortable, but we did it, we went to Art Basel. I learned from my contacts here that it's the largest art fair in the world and very lucrative. If I never go to another art fair, this one took me to the pinnacle of all art fairs I've attended over the years. It was wonderful to have my wife here and friends from the USA to share this experience with. So many people are here at Art Basel and it is just unbelievable. It's all for the sole purpose of art, good and bad.

Jenenne and I had special tickets to one of the V.I.P. parties. All I can say and will say is, it was great and I had a wonderful time looking at art and socializing with the world. My mind is just flooded with thoughts and there is so much art out here. I'm just overwhelmed with what I'm seeing and learning about this, the business of art. Art Basel came and did what it needed to do and now the city is returning to business as usual. Next year is a year away and I'm pretty sure that Art Basel will return after 43 years in the business again and again because there is no stopping the Ingenuity and Creativity of artists at Art Basel.

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