Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Art Basel

The energy is high here and the city is getting ready for Art Basel. I can't wait to check it out for myself. I have heard about it for many years, but now I can see it in person for myself. People are coming in from all over the world to see and be part of it. What I know about it thus far is that it is an art fair that happens every year around the month of June and people would literally die to be a part of it. We went this past Tuesday, Jenenne and myself, but it was only a sojourn visit because of our tickets and the time issue. We'll be back on Thursday with Tom and Kathleen and the other Tom from Bern Switzerland, which is an hour train ride to Basel.

Art Basel is massive in size and art and people are here from every where! You have all kinds of folks here. There is no shortage of characters and people who are art themselves. I'm just flabbergasted and in awe at the energy that's here at this event. The works of the old masters and up and coming artists. What a world! Art at it's best and worst is shown here.

John Chamberlain who died not that long ago stole the show. His works were everywhere. Chamberlain who is best known for his sculpture work that consists of car parts, really made me think and ponder over the fact that art can be anything and everything all at the same time.

What is art today? Well for me here at Art Basel it would be safe to say, It Is Every Thing; the art, the people, all of it. The art that was on the walls was exquisite, beautiful, made by local and international artists. Then there was the art of God which was some of the people and yet all of the people, who were living art themselves and words can not explain what I saw. Both were present here at the show. Everything is art, even the people in some cars. What a show Art Basel 2012!

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  1. Was your work being exhibited?
    I was there 2 years ago and these 3 statements summarize what I was impressed with as well.
    "Art Basel is massive in size..." 300 art galleries under one roof!
    "...people who are art themselves."
    "The works of the old masters and up and coming artists." It validated new artists, being presented right next to the masters.