Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Movement

Yes, there is an art movement going on here in the city and the million dollar question I continue to ask myself is, what is art today? People are flocking here from all over the world to experience this energy from a city that most have given up on. How do you define beauty in the NOW of what we don't understand? 

The city is like a war zone in some parts, and at times, it appears that the world is coming to an end. Where do we run to now and can we fix the so-called problems by changing an infrastructure that has been broken for many years? The movement has been going on for years here in this city and around the world too. What's remarkable is you can't hide from what's coming and that is change. Change is needed!

I believe the best is yet to come now! We can learn from the past if we open our minds to the present. Nothing is over until it's over. Then when it's over, over is only a new beginning to what’s possible today. The movement that is present right now is indeed an art movement. Art is popping up all over the city and I personally welcome this new way of transforming Detroit back to life.


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