Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In The Spirit of Tyree Tuesday: A Q&A with Tyree

Nick Mayner: Mr. Guyton, thank you for art and the inspiration you have given to many. Have you ever felt that if your artistic abilities are not excellent, that people wouldn't accept your work as art and do you have any advice for anyone feeling that way? Thank You.

     Hi Nick. Early in my career I had feelings like you describe. However, it’s important that you believe that your work is great to you and that you believe in what you’re doing. You can‘t trust the world because the world will tell you that you are great today and tomorrow you are not great. Trust you, only then is it good for the world.

Lisa Hathaway: What originally inspired you to start HP?

     Hello Lisa. It was a vision from God. I was chosen to do this.

Mark Sweetman: Do you ever have performance art at the HP?

     Hey Mark, yes we do have performances all the time. Would you like to come and perform for the public?

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