Monday, July 9, 2012


The value of some art is just unbelievable and astronomical in price. Why is that? Some art is more important than human beings and people will steal and literally kill for it. What do you do with a $120,000,000 million  painting? Can it walk or talk? I'm curious to know the thought process behind the person or persons that would spend that kind of money for a work of art. You have some art which is priceless. What do you mean by priceless? Who determines that or how is that done and by what authority? I would like know. The Scream by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, was sold for a record price of a $120,000,000 big ones. How do you insure a work of art like that? Do you keep it in a safe and how do you protect it out of harms way? What is art today and if a work of art cost $100,000,000 million or more, why? What are we buying it for really and does it become something other than art? Is it about money along with fame, prestige or politics? Maybe all of the above. Some art has become a big business, a weapon of mask destruction, that's controlled by a certain class of people. $120,000,000 million for a work of art! Can it do tricks or is it the subject matter that makes it so valuable?

I came here to Basel to learn and ask questions, to draw my own conclusions about the art world and continue to ask questions. So what is art today and will it change tomorrow? Don't know. I'm ready to share with the world one of my new works I've created here and the price tag is a $100,000,000 million called  scream loud bitch, A $100,000,000,000 .

Do you think Sotheby's or Christie's auction house might have an interest in auctioning off the piece for me? What do you think?

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