Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Open House aftermath.....

The open house opening was a big hit and people came to check it out. This work is about 25 years of experience and that now I understand that this is my purpose in life, to create art. I feel renewed and excited about the possibilities that await me now and there is no turning back at this point in my life. One writer said my art was religious art and people here had a lot of questions about the messages and my shoe concept. My answer to the people was, "I'm making it up." I create what I feel and see with my third eye of wisdom from God.
                                                                     Open House Images

So what is art today for me: it's the open house project here now and whatever tomorrow brings my way. I'm having so much fun and if the world came to end tomorrow, I'd have zero regrets. Life has been good to me. My grandfather was and is a part of the open house research project here in Basel Switzerland. It was truly an honor to have grandpa be part of this special occasion, the two of us again. I made a promise to my grandfather that I would share his art with the world; this is only the beginning!

I would like to thank Jenenne, my lovely wife, and Dan Hoops for coming out for the opening. We had a great time!

                                     Dan Hoops, Jenenne Whitfield, Tyree Guyton, John Sutton

                                                     Jenenne Whitfield and Debbie Sutton

I love the fact of being here but can't wait to return home so I can polka dot the whole city now. I've been practicing for that moment. So get ready city!

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  1. Hurry home and we'll all help you polka dot the city! Can't wait to see where this experience and the new insights take you.

    The open house pics are cool - thanks for sharing!