Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Open House

Things are coming along! I'm getting ready for my open house on 16 August 2012. I've been very busy here working on my own artistry and reading philosophy books, spending a lot of time in the studio too, constantly asking myself what is art today. This is a very complex question in the vernacular of what's being said and how it's being produced in the art world today. What I know now for myself at this point is that there are no boundaries or limits to the game of art, not today and probably never again. I'm extremely excited and having fun at the same time as I explore what's possible in the world of my own art today: 
2+2 = 8 and God, yes God, is a woman

The work I'm doing during my time here is based on Heidelbergology and that of other philosophers in Europe at the moment. I came here not sure about anything but today I feel the power to create and nothing is safe in my presence. I accidentally polka dotted my studio floor and just found out that the floor is off limits...oops! Art is everything seen and unseen and it's OK to break the so called rules of the past because tomorrow is a new cave to explore. 

My housemate can cook his little ass off. Is this art too?  Everyday God paint's his or her sky in a meticulous way that is breathtaking here in Basel. It's a world that is abstract and surreal in action and deeds. How do you explain God's art? I can't stop creating here. I'm up early because my spirit  is touched to create. Plato said spirit is why we do what we and Dr, Kinley (philosopher) went on to explain it in a way where I see how nothing escapes the pattern of the universe.Yes, this new work is new in one sense but then there is nothing new under the sun. New becomes old and old becomes new again. That's the artistry of God-old to new and new to old. Everything is art and what I do is use the art that's already here to create more art. That's the way to eternal life; through art.

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